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Working with you, we custom-design every study trip to meet your specific objectives. Close consultation with you and your professors allows us to understand what you want to achieve and we then work with our network of speakers, lecturers and travel professionals to deliver on those requirements. Because we design and organize the academic events and provide all travel support, you are ensured a seamless experience – from initial consultation to final feedback. 


The first step is to understand your requirements and to guide you through possible locations, prices and the services available to you. Once we have a good understanding of your objectives, we will create a custom-designed proposal for you together with a detailed quote. Upon agreement of the content and pricing, we move ahead into developing and delivering your ideal trip. 


Your program begins the moment you start working with our Program and Travel Management teams. Together, and in regular communication with you, they will turn the proposal into a reality. With our ISP App in hand, you will never be short of all of the information you need to keep your students on track and you will have our emergency support available to you 24/7.


On the ground, you will be accompanied by an ISP representative – you have the option to request the Program Manager you have been working with throughout the Program Phase to travel with you, in other cases you will be guided by a specially-trained Tour Coordinator on the ground. Our aim is to take care of every detail, so you can focus on the students and on enjoying the experience. 

The core characteristics of our study programs are interactivity and quality of service. We design learning experiences that are engaging and relevant to a fast-paced, technologically-advanced world.


Getting the educational content right is central to ISP’s purpose and methodology. We have developed over ten different delivery options for academic content, ranging from university lectures to full-day consulting projects in-company. We work with you to identify the best delivery options for your learning objectives – marrying style and content in the most effective way for your students. 


Academic events

Interactivity & dialogue

Our approach opens doorways for students to interact with locals to learn from their perspective, through both business and cultural encounters. We offer a variety of forms through which students receive exposure to the knowledge and experiences they seek. Structure and content vary according to group needs and specifications. The options set below are general guidelines for your reference.

Company visits
Personal tours of business facilities delivered by company management team. Management presentations covering industry-specific topics are followed by open discussion. Groups have the opportunity to see how management and operations concepts play out in a real-world environment. Participants engage senior managers on a range of topics, gaining a better understanding of the industry and culture in which the company operates.

Panel discussion
Panel discussions are designed to provide a broad range of perspectives and to challenge the audience to think past the textbook and their personal observations to think more deeply about the lessons they have learnt on-the-ground. The balance of personalities on the panel ensures lively discussion and rigorous debate, typically enhanced by personal experiences and a great deal of humour. The Panel Discussion is best placed at the end of a week’s program and makes a highly effective conclusion to the academic itinerary.

Presentations & mini-case studies
Overview of industry-specific subjects given by professional in the field. Can include mini case studies which involves small group work with each team sharing their ideas and solutions through short presentations that the speaker facilitates, evaluates, and concludes with practical learning points. Delivered on site at the hotel conference room. Topics range from the conceptual to the practical followed by Q&A.

Networking event with local business leaders
A unique opportunity to mix and mingle with local business people, pick their brains about living and working in the destination and make great contacts for future endeavors.

Mixer with local entrepreneurs
Meet local entrepreneurs, listen to their start-up success story and find out about the way they grew on the market. Share your story, exchange ideas and maybe your business cards.

Entrepreneurial labs
Team-up with local entrepreneurs to exchange information & ideas and tackle real-world challenges faced by their businesses.

Corporate learning

The rapid pace of change in our global economy presents many challenges to managers and corporations seeking to stay competitive. Whether it’s understanding how and when to incorporate new technologies or how to cope with a broadening workforce including Baby Boomers and Millennials in their hierarchies, ISP’s Corporate Learning programs support companies’ Training & Development professionals.

We can provide international field trips to companies who have faced and successfully tackled these problems, additionally with our global network of prolific academics we are perfectly placed to support you in your search for an effective facilitator. Corporations challenges are as individual as the people they employ.

Contact us to learn more about how we can support you. 

Experiential learning

Our special projects marry the skills of business students with the needs of social (for-profit) entrepreneurs, microfinance institutions and other organizations who ‘do well by doing good’. Our key delivery methods are described below but feel free to contact us to receive your own customized proposal. 

Consulting projects
Recommended at MBA level and above, student teams are assigned to local companies to help solve specific problems. Working with a variety of managers and employees across different departments, students learn how to navigate through hierarchies, technical, social and cultural barriers to find solutions. These are then presented to senior decision-makers. Consulting projects can be designed to take place over the course of a semester, a few weeks or even just one day. 

Social enterprise consulting projects
Marrying the needs of the social enterprise with the skillset of a team of MBA students, these consulting projects expose students to new business models and help them gain a deeper understanding of the culture and business environment. Ultimately, their contributions help social entrepreneurs effect meaningful and sustainable social impact. 

Volunteering experience
Take a half-day to learn about one of the local NGOs and join the volunteers for a practical excursion into their daily activities. 


Our commitment to customer care means that we will work closely together, we will get to know your needs, preferences and goals and in turn provide your students with an enriching and unforgettable business trip.

Our services include:


Travel services

Turnkey solutions

As part of our international study programs, we provide our clients with a customized package of travel services. It consists of arranging for group and individual airfare, group accommodation, local transportation, group meals, local guides and cultural events management. Our partners around the world also assist our clients with arranging for visas or for group insurance plans. 

Beyond this, guided tours and cultural activities are carefully designed to complement and augment the learning experience. Below are examples of our special interactive events for your reference. 

Immerse yourself
Ever wondered what it's like to live abroad? become an expat for a day, race against time and other teams and overcome fun challenges all around the city

Foodie tour, on foot, bicycles or motorbikes
The foodie tour is not just a gastronomic tour, but a great way to see parts of the city that the majority of tourists don't get to experience! It is a fun and active way to discover some of the lesser known dishes that the locals love to eat!

Scavenger hunt
Acclimate yourself through an interactive discovery tour! You’ll get hands-on experience of the city as each clue leads you further into your exploration. More adventurous than a guided tour, this is not to be missed!

Contact us to receive you own customized proposal.

Health & insurance

Global Coverage

The welfare of our participants is paramount. Since 1999, we’ve provided you with the security and support you need to explore and immerse yourselves in new cultures with confidence.

Our specially-trained staff of 50+ people globally are available and ready to assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for students, clients, and parents. Our Program Managers are fully trained in crisis management & first aid for your ease and peace of mind. You benefit from ISP’s personal touch whenever you travel with our dedicated Program Managers and Tour Coordinators.

We hold worldwide liability insurance up to USD $10 million and can provide individual medical and health insurance coverage.

Please contact us for additional details on how we can accommodate your personalized needs and preferences.


ISP Mobile App

Once you are on the ground we will provide you with customized mobile app  which gives you access to your full itinerary of events including speaker and company profiles, menus for group meals, instant access to maps of the destination, and emergency contact information. All of which are customized for your program and are fully interactive, allowing you to create your own schedule and to-do list within the app.


We host webinar sessions to help our clients to prepare their groups for the trip. During the one hour long live sessions with the students we review the planned itinerary and we answer all questions ranging from what to pack, where it is safe to exchange money to what are the main differences is business etiquette.


Student Zone

To help our clients with trip registration, payment process, and to enable smooth communication between ISP staff and the group of students we provide our clients with a fully customized Student Zone. The zone is an easy-to-use, private, password-protected space which houses all the relevant & practical information for your trips.

 Please contact us to get an access to our demo versions.