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Using our global network of speakers and companies we can customize each trip to meet your objectives. If you want to study how the e-society of Estonia impacts their vibrant tech scene, we can do that. If you want to learn how Vietnam is coping with a rapid developing economy, we can do that too. Have a look at the examples of our customization below: 

Destination: Estonia
Destination: Brazil
Destination: Vietnam
Destination: Morocco
Destination: Prague
Destination: South Africa
Destination: Cuba
Destination: Silicon Valley & San Francisco
Destination: UAE

Estonia: The Next Silicon Valley?

Objective: To observe how companies use big data to improve business efficiency.


  • Tour of ABB facilities for an in-depth look and discussion of their eco-innovative strategies
  • Attending the Nordic & Baltic hi-tech start up conference Latitude59 and networking with top class entrepreneurs
  • Visiting e-Estonia showroom & discussing life in a digital society
  • Day trip to Helsinki by boat 

Topics covered during the week:

  • Eco-innovative strategies
  • The development of the start-up scene in Nordic & Baltic regions
  • The impact of new technologies on Estonia‘s future

Brazil: Economics of Poverty

Objective: To learn how social issues in the country impact its economy and future development.


  • Discussing the future of Bolsa Familia program with Rio de Janeiro’s Mayor’s office representatives
  • Helping local NGOs explore solutions to alleviate poverty through case study analysis
  • Reflecting on social inequality issues with directors of Fundacao Telefonica
  • Cultural immersion workshop with locals in a favela
  • Attending Brazilian soccer game

Topics covered during the week:

  • BRICS – is the economic miracle over?
  • Investments towards the eradication of poverty
  • Leading trends in CSR programs domestically and abroad
  • Social entrepreneurship 
  • Brand advertising across the classes and consumer behaviour differentiation

Vietnam: The Road From a Frontier Market to an Emerging One

Objective: To understand Vietnam’s growing industries and current trends in manufacturing, technology and entrepreneurship. Highlights: 


  • Visiting a global, Australian clothing manufacturer to learn about their vertical integration strategy within Vietnam’s apparel & textile sector
  • Team-up with local entrepreneurs for information & idea exchange; tackling real-world challenges facing their businesses at Start-Up Lab
  • Case study with the head of global advertising agency BBDO to explore the influences of Vietnam’s youth demographics on advertising and marketing practices
  • Half-day volunteering session at a local NGO dedicated to serving underprivileged youth
  • Foodie motorbike tour in Ho Chi Minh City city for a taste of local culture and cuisine

Topics covered during the week:

  • Vietnam's economy and its position in the region
  • Tailoring business strategies to Vietnamese market
  • What’s making Vietnam a good place for business
  • How to support the growth of entrepreneurial ecosystems

Doing Business in Morocco

Objective: Exploring entrepreneurial opportunities and the corporate business environment.


  • Innovation Labs: tackling real life business challenges with a group of start-up entrepreneurs
  • Company visit & discussions with Toyota du Maroc’s management board at their dealership in Casablanca
  • Touring the facilities of the largest tea company to understand Moroccan culture‘s influence and role in business etiquette
  • Networking with local entrepreneurs
  • Panel discussion with British Business Group Marrakech
  • Bargaining in the souks  

Topics covered during the week:

  • Morocco’s growing start-up scene
  • The obstacles, opportunities and cultural considerations of investing in Morocco
  • Gaining competitive advantage in traditional industries
  • Examining social enterprises in Marrakech
  • The impact of microfinance in rural areas

Prague: Combining the Best of Tradition & Modernity

Objective: To examine the traditional and modern industries powering Central & Eastern Europe and the impact of innovation in the region.


  • Examining the modernization of production techniques in traditional Czech industries (e.g. Pilsner Urquell & Skoda Auto)
  • Discovering a global Czech enterprise (e.g. Avast) that successfully draws influence from Silicon Valley while maintaining its Czech heritage
  • Meeting & networking with MBA students and alumni in Prague
  • Dinner & wine tasting in centuries-old wine cellars and learning about the business of wine in the Czech Republic
  • The beauty of Prague’s architecture and Old Town – absolutely nothing like it anywhere else in the world!

Topics covered during the week:

  • The shadow of communist past & the process of transformation to a capitalist economy
  • Overcoming cultural differences & doing business successfully in CEE
  • An in-depth look at the Czech Republic’s role in international supply chain management
  • Predicting consumer behavior and profitability through data mining
  • The art of craft manufacturing – from beer to glass to consumer goods
  • The Eurozone – current state and future predictions – will the Czech Rep ever join?
  • The Czech Republic – a hotbed for start-ups & innovation

South Africa: Social & Economic Challenges

Objective: To learn about the business challenges and socio-economic issues in the country within the context of its turbulent history

Trip highlights:

  • Company visit and discussion with the founder of NGO Kliptown Youth Program on the impact of poverty on the disadvantaged and their strategies for youth empowerment
  • Panel discussion about the future of South Africa with the Minister of Economic Opportunities and local entrepreneurs
  • Intimate dinner discussion with team members of NGO Lonely Road Foundation about sustainable approaches and practices in rural regions
  • Safari excursion to Pilanesberg Game Reserve

Topics covered during the week:

  • Bridging the gap between rich & poor
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Black Economic Empowerment

Building Bridges: the Re-emergence of Cuba-US Relations

Objective: To overcome political & cultural barriers by exploring common ground in US & Cuban cultures.


  • Interacting with local Cuban restaurateurs and musicians – experiencing local hospitality and discussing the changing relationship between Cuba and America
  • Sharing a love of sports at the International School for Physical Education & Sports
  • Visiting family-owned businesses including a local commune producing coffee and art
  • Touring the Havana Club Rum Museum
  • Exploring Havana’s Jazz scene

 Topics covered during the week:

  • The growing culture of entrepreneurship and self-determination
  • The integrated model for sports development in Cuba vs the US school system
  • Shifting political relations and the potential opportunities and challenges these present
  • Advances in agribusiness

Silicon Valley & San Francisco: the Land of Opportunity

Objective: Witness the process in imagining, funding, developing, selling and adopting new technologies across a wide variety of industries; learn how the Bay Area morphed into a 21st century Mecca for entrepreneurs and investors.


  • Networking with entrepreneurs and investors
  • Interactive tours of business incubators and innovative start-ups
  • Exploring San Francisco’s diverse neighborhoods and world-class cuisine
  • Golden Gate Bridge dinner cruise
  • Trip to Alcatraz

 Topics covered during the week:

  • Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial eco-system and the Bay Area’s role in attracting investment
  • Creating and maintaining a culture of innovation and disruption
  • Making ideas happen – from the drawing board to the Boardroom
  • Understanding the trends in VC investment – how to pitch and how to invest in new ideas

The Growing Influence of Islamic Banking in Dubai

Objective: Learn how a non-profit banking model may benefit more traditional banking systems currently coming under increased scrutiny and criticism.


  • Discussing mechanisms to cope with the Global Financial Crisis with senior analysts at the Dubai International Financial Centre Authority
  • Learning the rules governing Islamic banking models and how these may protect investors
  • Examining the pros and cons of a non-profit banking sector
  • Trip into the Desert for a Desert Safari with local guides, barbeque farewell dinner in the Desert
  • Discovering the wide-ranging local cuisine and entertainment

Topics covered during the week:

  • Ethics and profit in the banking sector
  • Dubai’s economic position in the Middle East
  • The business case for Islamic banking
  • The design and development of Dubai as an investment hub


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