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    US $1,300

    Discover the visually stunning, innovative Czech capital.

    + Why Prague?

    Overview: Join us in our hometown and discover a highly affordable, visually stunning and easy to navigate capital - a desirable option for less experienced travelers as well as seasoned globetrotters.

    Focus: Examine the traditional and modern industries powering Central and Eastern Europe and the impact of innovation in the region.

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    US $1,600

    Ride the wave of social entrepreneurship in Cape Town & Johannesburg.

    + Why South Africa?

    Overview: Ride the wave of a country prospering after the collapse of Apartheid which opened the floodgates to educational and startup opportunities.

    Focus: Learn about the business challenges, the rise of social entrepreneurship and the social-economic issues within the context of its turbulent history.

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    US $1,400

    Explore the R&D hub of South-East Asia & startup scene.

    + Why Vietnam?

    Overview: Explore the R&D hub of South-East Asia which is continuing to rise at a rapid pace (like it’s recent 7% GDP growth).

    Focus: Visit Vietnam’s growing industries and uncover consistent trends in manufacturing, technology, as well as the emerging entrepreneurship scene.

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    US $1,700

    Feel the rhythm of one of Latin America’s brightest shining stars.

    + Why Colombia?

    Overview: Feel the rhythm of a vibrant destination where glorious weather, foreign influence and greater flight connectivity has opened the door to global investment.

    Focus: See the huge transformation of a failed state to one of Latin America’s brightest shining stars - from social entrepreneurship to widespread urban development.

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    US $1,500

    Traverse a turbulent economic climate in the birthplace of democracy.

    + Why Greece?

    Overview: Traverse a turbulent economic climate in the birthplace of democracy, while visiting spine-tingling ancient sites and enjoying fine-dining and award-winning wines.

    Focus: Take an inside look at the Greek economy and the Eurozone crisis, and examine how Greek startups are outworking the crisis.

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