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International Study Programs customizes Study Abroad to bring to life the world of International Business for business school students

Providing study abroad opportunities for your business students doesn’t need to be a long-term proposition, International Study Programs custom designs short-term academic trips to destinations globally making study abroad tours accessible for all levels of business school groups.

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Michigan State University

Packing my bags for a one week study abroad in Brazil, I was thinking, or rather daydreaming, about the things I associated most with the country that I was about to embark on with 70+ other MBA students. Things that came to mind were carnival in Rio, passionate Brazilian football, superb white beaches, the Amazon rain forest, extreme poverty, beautiful people, large slums, corruption…but did someone say economic powerhouse? Preparing for the trip, I of course had done my readings, and I knew that the Brazilian economy was growing at a tremendous pace, but for some reason it didn’t seem to fit or didn’t want to sink in. It was not until I arrived, saw, listened, talked to and experienced this amazing country that I realized that the prospect of becoming an economic powerhouse is real. The study abroad in Brazil gave me and my fellow students the opportunity to learn first hand about the incredible amount of change Brazil has been experiencing over the past decade. It gave us the opportunity to learn about the great possibilities that could yet come to be in this country of almost 200 million, and it gave us an opportunity to learn of and discuss the grave challenges this country will yet have to face.