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Completely collaborative, we work with you to provide the most effective and inspiring educational content for your students. We aim to do everything possible to facilitate great learning on our trips – no canned presentations, no standard guided tours, no tourist traps, no hidden fees or nasty surprises. We believe you deserve better – something exciting, engaging and extraordinary. 

The purpose of ISP is to improve cross-cultural understanding, global leadership and to develop those skills in MBAs which are required for an increasingly globalised economy.


A belief that inspirational education can change lives and create better leaders is at the heart of everything we do and informs our Corporate Social Responsibility policy. Following the devastating earthquakes in Nepal in 2015, thousands of children were left without schools. Teaming up with The Gurkha Welfare Trust (GWT), we seek to raise money for their schools development project. The GWT is supported by a government grant which means that 90% of all money we raise will go directly to the projects we are supporting. No costly admin fees or wasted funds.

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