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+ Timeline: when should we start planning? When do we need to confirm? When are the payments due?

The best time to start planning your trip is 6-9 months before the trip starts, while confirmation of the program should ideally take place 3-4 months beforehand. Payments are due 30 days after the contract is issued (30% of the total ground cost) and 30 days before the group travels (70% of the total ground cost). Please get in touch if you need more flexibility and we will do our best to assist you.

+ Are individual payments possible?

Absolutely. We are happy to accept individual payments through our program portal using credit or debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro). However, there is a transaction fee connected to these payments (2.4% of the total package amount).

+ How does ISP handle emergency situations: what protocols are in place & what insurance do they have?

Each destination is continuously monitored for safety and stability. Our experienced, regularly trained staff are on hand and emergency and safety protocols are in place to protect your group in any eventuality. Once we ensure the entire group is together and safe, we will proceed according to an agreement with the students and university representatives, and either relocate the group or return them home as quickly as possible. Read how we handled several emergency situations in the past, here.

We [also] hold worldwide liability insurance up to USD $10 million, plus individual medical and health insurance coverage.

+ What is the minimum & maximum number of students that can travel?

The ideal group size is 20-30 traveling students with a minimum of 10. This allows for efficient utilization of services (eg: buses) and ensures the trip runs at an affordable price. There is no limit to the maximum number of students; we are happy to accommodate a large group size in any of our global destinations.

+ Can ISP assist with visa & airfare?

We are happy to assist with individual and group airfare and visas. Our team checks visa requirements for individual travelers and can provide supporting documents, such as proof of accommodation. To secure these documents, the program must be confirmed, and you must provide your full name (as on passport), passport number and date of birth (details are usually obtained from your registration on our Student Zone. We can also use our partner and secure visas for you. This service is possible for an additional fee.

+ How does ISP choose services to be included & how do we ensure their quality?

We will work closely together to craft a fully-customized itinerary that sets you up with the most engaging speakers and relevant formats for you. From booking hotels to arranging flight transfers, we take care of every detail so you can enjoy a seamless experience wherever you travel.

Our specialist program team and trusted network of 25,000 speakers, companies and local experts are handpicked to provide business, political and cultural insights and share our high-level of customer care.

+ Can ISP include a meeting at a local university & an interaction with local professors/students?

Generally, yes. However, we recommend discussing this with our program team first as it may differ depending on the destination.

+ I have a suggestion for a visit or a contact, would ISP consider this?

Yes, of course. We welcome your ideas for academic and cultural events. Please discuss this with a member of our team. If you provide a specific contact or provide the first introduction via email, we will be happy to discuss reimbursement.

+ Does ISP offer a program app? If so, how & when can I access it?

Yes, we do! Our all-in-one customized pocket guide is the perfect tool to aid traveling groups throughout their study trip. The app is usually introduced one week before the program starts. We suggest discussing the launch date directly with a member of our team. Find out more about the app, here.

For Traveling Students:

+ What should I do if I forget my password to the Student Zone?

Please contact to reset your password.

+ I have a question/request connected to my program, who should I ask?

Our Student Zone lets you review details of the trip, browse the trip itinerary in real-time, view speaker/company bios, and much more... However, if you require any further information or assistance, please contact

+ Can a spouse or a guest join the program?

Please check with your program coordinator. If approved, you can find an offer of a spouse/guest package in the e-shop section of our Student Zone. Alternatively, you can contact to discuss a customized package.

+ The product(s) in the e-shop section of the Student Zone expired, can I still sign up?

The deadline already expired, however you can contact to find out if an extension is possible and how to proceed.

+ I cannot fill in all the details in the registration (eg: because I am currently renewing my passport, the international airfare has not been booked yet), what should I do?

Please input “n/a” and proceed with the registration process. Once you have this information, please ensure you update your registration on our Student Zone (if still possible). Please contact if you require any further assistance.

+ What is the difference between business casual & a smart dress code?

Please refer to this dress code document.

+ Do I need to get local currency before traveling to the program destination(s)?

Generally, no. We recommend withdrawing local money from an ATM once you arrive at the destination (preferably in the city center, not at the airport). However, this may depend on the destination, so we recommend discussing with your program coordinator beforehand.

+ How do I know that my e-shop payment was successful?

You should receive an order confirmation followed by a payment confirmation. Please note that the order confirmation does not mean the product has been paid, only ordered. If the payment is successful, you will receive another email confirming the payment itself. Please check your spam/junk box or contact if you did not receive any order or payment confirmation.

+ I have dietary or medical restrictions. How do I ensure the program team are aware of it?

Please ensure you submit all dietary requirements and/or medical restrictions during the registration process on our Student Zone. Our program team are on hand to ensure these needs/requirements are met throughout your study trip.

+ Why do I need to provide my middle name in the registration?

This is primarily needed to issue airfare or other tickets where names need to be shown according to the details on your passport; otherwise the ticket will not be valid. Please provide your full name to avoid any mistakes when issuing tickets.

+ Is it possible to collect points or miles from the flights & accommodation?

Generally, no. It is only possible if you have an individual (not group) ticket or reservation.


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