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Monika Zizkova Vodickova

Head of Sales zizkova@studyprograms.com

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Tereza Lorencova

Deputy Head of Sales lorencova@studyprograms.com

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nela forejtova

Head of EMEA & Americas

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Viktoria Kish

Founder & MD

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Radmila Majerova

New Business Development majerova@studyprograms.com

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Irena Stetinova

HR Manager stetinova@studyprograms.com

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vojta koutnik

Head of Asia

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Jana VodickovA

Director, Sales & Operations

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Jessica Schubert

Regional Sales Director (Asia, Pacific) schubert@studyprograms.com

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Geoff Fisher

Innovation Lab Manager

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lucie mlejnkova

Head of Logistics

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tomas chalupnik

Finance Director chalupnik@studyprograms.com